Sell Less Shit

Consumer capitalism is a theoretical economic and social political condition in which consumer demand is manipulated in a deliberate and coordinated way on a very large scale through mass-marketing techniques, to the advantage of sellers. ~ Wikipedia.

Buy Less Shit and Sell Less Shit. Don't be a shrill.

The eco-system of advertising, money, and people online promotes the model, pursuades you it's good to sell more shit.

It starts slowly. You read reviews. You like some of them. Others aren't so good. "I could do this better," you think. "And I could make money online."

So you start to review. To spend your time creating a review of a product. It is an advertisement. An unsolicited advertisement. Lulled by the idea of receiving an uncertain income for your labour. And by your vanity. "Look how that YouTuber has so many followers!" Greed in tow.

It feels, sounds, reads, like all around you are doing the same. The system encourages that idea. You feel encouraged. Special. It's easy to set up a social media account. To add yet another incremental increase to the value of a social media giant. They might throw you crumbs. But they capture the eyeballs and the money.

Yet it's fun, isn't it? To be listened to? To be seen? To become a YouTuber. To become an Insta-Star.

The money doesn't roll in. But you can see that it does for a few, high profile others. That could be you...

There's your page or your post or your video waiting for the algorhythmic God of Random to promote your content. All the while you add to the sum total of pursuasion; about a product. A cascade of reviews. A chatty cacophony of comments. A cheerful cataclysm of views. You've joined the club. Well done. You and your personal brand are fully fledged participants in consumer capitalism.

The type of capitalism that relies on constant growth.

Which wrecks the planet.

It's not complicated.

Sell Less Shit.