On NFT's

Enlightenment represented by the Cape Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea_nouchali)

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are a rare accomplishment. They have defined greed.

As an adjunct to assess greed, NFT's appear to be as accurate as any indirect measure can possibly be. How is that the case?

To understand NFT's sufficient to quantify their environmental impact and their intrinsic value takes effort. A lot of effort. An astonishingly small proportion of the buyers and sellers of NFT's will have made the effort required. Why not? Because they are motivated by greed

Without going into a long discourse on the necessity for virtue, if someone doesn't understand what they are doing, how can they assess harm? Greed overrides the good.

NFT's purport to "make money."

Want to know if someone is motivated primarily by greed? Ask they how their NFT's are doing. But beware of prejudice. It would be safer to do the work yourself, to understand the technology and its implications, and then to ask them a question to test their level of understanding. Of course, this takes effort. That's the point, isn't it?

Many people are motivated by greed. Yet they don't need more.

Others, in greater number than can possibly be comfortable to anyone with a social conscience, need to get by. They need food, medication, childcare, housing, and other necessities. Rarely do they have time to spend on learning about NFT's. So keep them in mind.

But greed is obvious.

Don't expect me to issue any NFT's until I understand their potential climate impact. In principle it should be possible to mitigate through renewable energy and the use of a proof of stake blockchain. Slightly more troublesome is understanding an NFT's intrinsic value. That's because, well you'll have to work this out for yourself. I suspect their primary use is for social signalling. A fool's goal. And ironic.

Ironic given that above all NFT's signal greed.

Do you own NFT's? Would you like to own NFT's? Recognise your greed.

Then work out how to deal with it. Have you considered looking at the world in a different way? Buddhism, perhaps?